Saul just got a job at Hourly Hourly. But if he thinks that being a superhero will be any different than asking someone if they want fries with that, he’s sorely mistaken.
Their job sucks too.
A hundred ships gone missing. A hundred distress messages with one thing in common. They all said, “Beware of the planet of the dinosaurs!” But now, five astronauts and a robot with have crashed on this mysterious place, and they’re about to learn its deadly secret.
Planet of the Dinosaurs is the most deadly place
in the universe, but it was supposed to be a myth.
There’s something wrong with Jimmy Crumb, and it’s not that he’s having a hard time with his arithmetic. No, Jimmy is obsessed with revenge, and he’s figured out a way to control the most evil urban legend monsters so that he can attain it.
A frightening child. The most horrific
monsters that have ever been spawned.
A terrible secret.
Earth is at war with aliens who can counteract our most advanced defenses. The only way to fight back is to return to basics, strap on a jetpack, slip between their defenses, then punch them right in their ugly mouths.
Insane sci-fi action! High-flying adventure!
Are you daring enough to strap a bomb to your
back and be an elite member of the Jetpack Brigade?
The world’s smartest man discovered that the best way to fight evil was to create an opposing force for every type of threat.
The world has a secret.
Every single hero is the same man.


The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb

Eight-year-old Jimmy Crumb wants revenge, and he’s controlling some of the most evil urban legend monsters to get it.

Hero Hourly

Welcome to Hero Hourly! If Saul thought that working as a superhero would be any different than asking if you want fries with that, he was sorely mistaken.


Hale Barker has just learned the world’s biggest secret – that every single hero who’s ever existed has been the work of only one man.

Jetpack Jump

In the interstellar war, it takes a special kind of crazy to be an Infiltrator.

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Day Phantoms

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Campisi: The Dragon Incident

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Planet of the Dinosaurs

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What Others Are Saying

The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb

“The artwork continues to surprise and astonish as each panel is a splash of color and violence. Jen Hickman seems to have honed her skills even more in this issue and I found myself staring at the page at times and taking it all in. Hickman’s art is perfectly complemented by the story from James Patrick, as I was very engaged throughout.”

Casey Bowker

The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb

“This was a book that I couldn’t put down even if I wanted. The story and imagery drew me in to such an extent that I had to take in everything. This isn’t so much a comic book as it is a brilliantly produced macabre experience that will keep you completely immersed from cover to cover.”

Atlee Greene

Hero Hourly

“Hero Hourly #1 is part one of a three part miniseries published by James Patrick‘s new publishing company 21 Pulp, that is absolutely worth your time and money.”