21 Pulp brings Italian publisher Shockdom’s books to U.S.
Francis comes to US stores on ​January 27th!
The critically-acclaimed Hero Hourly is collected
and out on January 13th!
21 Pulp and Winkler Films, the producers of Creed,
team-up for Prison Earth graphic novel!


21 Pulp to bring Italian publisher Shockdom Titles to the US!

Marietta, OH  Innovative comic book publisher 21 Pulp has…

Great reviews for Imposter!

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Hero Hourly Release Reactions

Hero Hourly was released on Wednesday, November 18th to great…

New Hero Hourly Reviews!

The early reviews for Hero Hourly are in! We have included links…

Dig into 21 Pulp--exclusive interview with James Patrick!

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New Releases

Hero Hourly

 If Saul thought that working as a superhero would be any different than asking if you want fries with that, he was sorely mistaken.


In the Shadows of Orfano Hill, spells, potions and evocations are prepared!

Prison Earth

Earth is secretly a prison. Aliens incarcerate their criminals on our planet and use human bodies as prison cells.

Coming soon from 21 Pulp

Day Phantoms

Coming Soon

Campisi: The Dragon Incident

Coming Soon

Planet of the Dinosaurs

Coming Soon

What Others Are Saying

The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb

“The artwork continues to surprise and astonish as each panel is a splash of color and violence. Jen Hickman seems to have honed her skills even more in this issue and I found myself staring at the page at times and taking it all in. Hickman’s art is perfectly complemented by the story from James Patrick, as I was very engaged throughout.”

Casey Bowker

The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb

“This was a book that I couldn’t put down even if I wanted. The story and imagery drew me in to such an extent that I had to take in everything. This isn’t so much a comic book as it is a brilliantly produced macabre experience that will keep you completely immersed from cover to cover.”

Atlee Greene

Hero Hourly

“Hero Hourly #1 is part one of a three part miniseries published by James Patrick‘s new publishing company 21 Pulp, that is absolutely worth your time and money.”