There’s something wrong with Jimmy Crumb, and it’s not that he’s having a hard time with his arithmetic. No, Jimmy is obsessed with revenge, and he’s figured out a way to control the most evil urban legend monsters so that he can attain it.

The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb

They messed with the wrong kid.

Talent includes: James Patrick, Jen Hickman, Goni Montes

64-page OGN

Eight-year-old Jimmy Crumb wants revenge, and he’s controlling some of the most evil urban legend monsters to get it. Monsters like Bloody Mary, Cropsey, and the Nightmare Killer: the actual legends that inspired Freddy and Jason. But as Jimmy takes his vengeance, his friends, teachers, and the police are starting to catch on that Jimmy might be a monster himself. In the end, only Jimmy can choose to keep his humanity or become an urban legend himself.