A preview of Bianca

(W) Paolo Margiotta (A/CA) Francesca Perrone


Only the strong survive. Now that humans are long gone and Earth went on without them, that’s the only rule left. If you are a prey, the Flesh-Eaters will devour you. It’s inevitable. Not for Bianca. She chose to fight and seek revenge!

Preview of Blue, from 21 Pulp and Shockdom.

Here is a preview of Blue, from 21 Pulp and Shockdom. It’s the next book in 21 Pulp’s effort to bring Italian publisher Shockdom’s beautiful lineup of (translated) OGNs to the United States.

ABOUT: Aqua is a teenage girl, but she’s changing in ways that are incomprehensible to herself and those around her. When she can no longer control her mutating body, she must seek help. Something ancestral is resurfacing in her, and it’s ripping away her humanity in the process.(W) Angela Vianello (A/CA) Angela Vianello.

21 Pulp teams up with Aftershock Comics for Campisi

21 Pulp is incredibly proud to be partnering with AfterShock Comics for Campisi: The Dragon Incident, the new book by James Patrick, Marco Locati, and Rachel Deering.

Sonny Campisi is a small-time fixer for the mob-controlled neighborhood of Green Village. If you don’t pay your gambling debt, he’ll come and collect. If you get a little rough with one of “the girls,” he gets a little rough with you. But when a dragon flies into town and Sonny is the one who’s tasked with getting rid of it, it’s a problem unlike any he’s ever faced, and a chain of events begins that will affect everyone who lives in that neighborhood. Especially Sonny.

Campisi: The Dragon Incident is published by Aftershock.

Celestial Archers in comic shops on August 25th

In comics shops on Aug 25th from 21 Pulp and Shockdom is the Celestial Archers TPB By Lucas Teixeirs and Gabriel Picolo!

This continues 21 Pulp and Shockdom’s effort to bring these wonderful comics to the US.

A pact between the Zodiacs undermines the balance of the Cosmos, and paying the price are the constellations who, led by Orion, Ursa Minor and Perseus decide to shed light on the events. The allegorical journey among the constellations of the galaxy will bring them to realize that trying to uncover and denounce an oligarchy and its plots can be very dangerous.


21 Pulp to bring Italian publisher Shockdom Titles to the US!

Marietta, OH 

Innovative comic book publisher 21 Pulp has announced they will partner with leading Italian comic publisher Shockdom to bring some of Shockdom’s wonderful library of titles to the United States.

This will include books such as Francis, by breakout artist and creator Loputyn. Francis is a wonderful and acclaimed graphic novel about a witch who likes to have fun and is coming to age, but avoids some of her responsibilities as the most important test of career as a witch approaches. It has spectacularly charming art which has captivated fans overseas, and has been a hit for both Shockdom and Loputyn.


Shockdom has been producing incredible comic books since 2004,” says James Patrick, EIC of 21 Pulp James Patrick. “When we had the opportunity to share these with people in the United States, to put the great stories and high-production values of these physical books in people’s hands here, we couldn’t pass it up.”

Other books include Bianca, by Paolo Margiotta and young artist Francesca Perrone. Bianca is a story about a time when humans are long gone, the Earth went on without them, and it is believed that is inevitable that the Flesh-Eaters will devour people. Except for Bianca, who chooses to stand up and fight.

“We are happy to be able to bring our books to US readers too, thanks to 21 Pulp, a company with which we share the same vocation for innovation. Italian comics have changed in recent years and our artists are highly regarded in the USA. Now we have the opportunity to present to the American audience other talents who represent Italian style and taste”, said Lucio Staiano.

21 Pulp was founded in 2014 with an emphasis on making quality comics. It has included releases as the critically acclaimed Hero Hourly and the The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb.

Other Shockdom’s popular books are Cotton Tales, Noumeno, Prudhomme, Blue, Sio’s comics and the superheroes series Timed.

Francis is currently available in the November Previews catalog for January release. You can preorder from your local comic shop using order code NOV201580.

Great reviews for Imposter!

The newest story from us here at 21 Pulp, Imposter arrived nationally on February 24th. And there were no shortage of stellar reviews!

Graphic Policy gave it a 9.5 and said:

To get a feeling of this series, the opening issue has an almost Batman mixed with one of the pulp vigilantes sort of flavour, and yet the comic transcends that comparison in so many ways.

Arpad Okay at DoomRocket said:

The twist on heroism in Imposter is one of those great ideas that should be too good to work but does anyway (and gloriously).

Nerdophiles says:

Imposter promises to be an intriguing look at superhero identity and responsibility.

Geek-o-Rama gave it 4 out of 5 stars and called it “really intriguing.”

Get your copy of Imposter now (available at retailers) and don’t miss out on the start of a killer new series from 21 Pulp!

Hero Hourly Release Reactions

Hero Hourly was released on Wednesday, November 18th to great success and reviews! Check out what these readers and fans had to say about the book:

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of Hero Hourly from your local comic shop or directly from our site![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

New Hero Hourly Reviews!

The early reviews for Hero Hourly are in! We have included links to the authors and the original reviews in this post. Check below to read more!

  • As Hero Hourly makes it way across the country and into the hands of many comic junkies, we have started receiving some awesome published reviews. Thank you, Geek Out – Southwest for the kind, in-depth review on Hero Hourly! Read the full review here.
  •  Hear James Patrick speak to the Dueling Ogres on 21 Pulp, Hero Hourly and the transition from writer to a publisher. For the full podcast, click here!
  • Check out our latest online review of our latest released book, Hero Hourly! Thank you Casey Bowker at DontForgetATowel.com for the honest review. To read the full review, click here.
  • Lastly, Ramblings of Comic Fan mentioned briefly mentioned 21 Pulp/Hero Hourly in one of their latest blog posts. Thank you guys for the awesome review. To read the full post, click here!



Dig into 21 Pulp–exclusive interview with James Patrick!

Have you been wondering what stokes the fires of 21 Pulp? Well, wonder no longer: an exclusive interview with 21 Pulp founder James Patrick is available on Graphic Policy.

Find out the history of Hero Hourly & get a sneak peek at what 21 Pulp is brewing up for the coming months! And find out whether James prefers pirates, aliens, or ninjas (hint: it’s not pirates.)

Click here to check out the interview!

Order Hero Hourly Today!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Their job sucks too.

Lousy pay, passive-aggressive bosses, and slashed benefits – our second book Hero Hourly is hitting comic shops in November and asking what it would be like if being a super hero were no better than any other job.

After the market tanks, Saul Smirkanski finds employment at Hero Hourly, a company that didn’t ask if with great power comes great responsibility, but got a patent and a business loan so they could make a profit.

The 24-page first issue is by Batman and Harley Quinn writer James Patrick, 2000 AD artist Carlos Trigo, and Morning Glories colorist Alex Sollazzo. It can be ordered out of September Previews (#SEP151634) and will be in shops November 18th.

Check out the first few pages below, and be sure to order with #SEP151634 at your local comic shop!

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